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Keto Green Bean Casserole Story

This healthy low carb Keto Green Bean Casserole is exactly what you need for your holiday meals. 

Creamy mushroom sauce and crunchy onion topping will remind you of the traditional green bean casserole with condensed soup and fried onion topping. 

But this one is better for you AND tastes better!

How To Make Keto Green Bean Casserole



Green beans White mushrooms Sour cream Mayo Dried minced onion Bouillon powder Butter Almond flour  Salt & pepper

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Step One: Make the homemade condensed cream of mushroom soup sauce. Step Two: Thaw or steam your green beans.

Step Three: Mix together the homemade condensed cream of mushroom soup and the green beans in the casserole dish.  Step Four: Stir together the topping ingredients and sprinkle on top.

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